0-12.7mm Composite Digital Electronic Thickness Gauge Caliper Ruler


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0-12.7mm Composite Digital Electronic Thickness Gauge Caliper Ruler 


Measuring range:0-12.7mm/0.5"
Operating temperature:0-40 degree centigrade
Storage temperature:-20~70 degree centigrade
Accurancy:+/- 0.1mm/0.004"
Power:1.5V battery


1.Make of extra strong carbon fiber composites,Light weight and durable to use.
2.8mm LCD display,Suitable for measuring the thickness of paper,sheet,jewelry,leather ect.

Operating the Gauge(according to the Nomenclature)
1.While closing the measuring faces (2 and 3),press the power on swith(9),"0.00" will be displayed the display panel(7).2.Press the lever(8) toopen the measuring face,insert the workpiece between the measuring face,and release the lever.The contact point is pressed against the workpiece under the spring force.When the displayed value is atable ,take measurements.
3.Press the power off switch(6)and turn off the power.

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Thickness Gauge

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