10pcs 180??5mm Emery Rasp Diamond Files Ceramic Knife Cutting Tool


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10pcs 180×5mm Emery Rasp Diamond Files Ceramic Knife Cutting Tool


Type: Half Round
Coarseness: Middle Cut
Number of Pieces: 10
Cut: Diamond
Grit: 150 Medium
Size: 180mm x 5mm 7-3/16"(180mm) overall length; 2-3/4"(70mm) working length


1.Ideal for filing glass, ceramic, rock, carbide, gold, platinum, silver or anything else that is hard.
2.Works on all natural materials marble, wood, stone , bone etc.
3.Used in deburing, fixing chipped glass, mirror, tile, deling, ceramics, many hobbies and professional applications.
4.Cut quickly and smoothly since the files cut on both the push and pull strokes.
5.Soft PVC-dipped handles have excellent grip even when exposed to moisture and fluids.
6.Here's a set of (10) embedde -diamond files with round dipped handles .

Package Included:
10×Emery Rasp

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