10Pcs 2.4x1000mm Silver Aluminum Alloy TIG Filler Rods Welding Brazing Wire Tool


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Features :

Excellent corrosion resistance.
Minimize parent material distortion during welding.
Applications include truck beds, loading ramps, docks, diamond plate, irrigation piping, engine blocks, transmission housing, etc…

Specification :

Material: Aluminum Alloy
Length: 1000mm/39.4"
Diameter: 2.4mm
Color: Silver
Application:Aluminium and aluminium alloy welding,brazing

Light the torch, (fire shall not betoo small, to be able to easily burn pipe next to the heat sink). End of burn (preferably vertical burning, the torch can be slightly higher, with blue flames), in the burning process on the electrode heating and welding solder powder on powder put it on the stick.
With solder powder and try paddling at the required welding welding electrode, such as temperature, just like water into welding electrode.
If take off the non-stick electrodes continue to the end of heating. (Not deliberately used in the welding process the flame burned electrodes, or keep it vertical burn status. Uploaded under the electrode will depend on melting temperature.
Upon close you will find that the electrode is first melted under). Which is why cold electrodes can be causes of welding very thin aluminum parts. Wash after welding to weld solder powder, finished.

Package includeds :

10 x Welding Brazing Rod
Details pictures :