1/4 inch Air Compressor Die Grinder Tool with 14 Pcs Rotary Tool Kit


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Description :

1/4" Air Compressor Die Grinder Tool with 14 Pcs Rotary Tool Kit MWP 6.2 BAR 92psi

Feature :

Professional grinder kit giving complete flexibility for most grinding and polishing needs.
With small volume, light weight, high speed, low noise, small gas consumption, high concentricity and so on characteristics, the operation is simple, rapid and convenient.

It is widely used in all kinds of mold (shoes mold, tire mold, pen mold, all kinds of high and low voltage electrical appliances, household appliances mould, molded case switches mould, etc.), hardware products (water faucet, zippers, hardware tools and all kinds of complete sets of equipment cabinet, etc.), and glass, stone, handicrafts, ornaments, circuit board manufacturing and so on industry need blank shaping, cutting, grinding and finishing homework.

Specification :

Length of grinder : 150mm
Air consumption : 4CFM
Speed : 23000 r.p.m
Recommended air supply : 90PSI
Air inlet : 1/4" BSP

Package include :

1 x Air die grinder
2 x Wrench
1 x Collet chuck 1/8" – 3mm
1 x Collet chuck 1/4" – 6mm
5 x Shank stones 1/4" – 6mm
5 x Shank stones 1/8" – 3mm
1 x 1/4" bayonet quick connect
1 x Carry Case

Details pictures :