16Pcs Repair Tool Kit Back Case Remover Opener Spring Pin Bar for Watchmaker etc


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16Pcs Watch Repair Tool Kit Watchmaker Back Case Remover Opener Spring Pin Bar
16 Professional watch and jewelry repair tools.
Legs open table spoon Use: Open the bottom cover and tighten the screws bud directly aligned with the tool in front of the bottom cover two foot gap right direction to turn. It can easily open the watch case back.
The open end knife use: press one end of the watch case back must be used tool for prying the bottom knife.
Uses Strap demolition: If your watch is new, then removed when the strap is the most convenient to use it.
Raw ear batch Purposes: Bars split between Wristwatches strap or belt of Health ears the most methods.

Red pliers Uses: assembly and disassembly is inevitable to use the pliers watches, such as the demolition of strap in the starting folder to folder, pins, and so on.
Fold strap plastic seat use: when the demolition watch chain, will watch chain sandwiched plastic seat racks. Very easily fitted or disassembled strap.
Screwdriver purposes: for the internal mechanical assembly and disassembly purposes.
Rubber hammer use: split strap installed after the hairpin, etc. when used for tapping.
King Kong fell Usage: If you strip watch band is too tight or too just bought, you have to put it fell smaller.
Tsim Tsui tweezers purposes: for folders with some accessories and other small parts, etc.

Product name: Repair Tool
Material: Plastic and metal
Quantity: 16pcs
Weight: 314g
Package includes: 
1 x Case Knife
1 x Philips Screwdriver
1 x Mini Screwdriver
1 x Holder Block
1 x Watch Hammer
1 x Spring Bar Remover
1 x Long Nose Pliers
1 x Fine Point Tweezers
1 x Pin Remover
1 x Case Wrench
3 x Pin Punches
3 x Flathead Screwdrivers
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