2 Pcs/Set BEST BST-128 Plastic Pry Opening Tool For iPhone Case


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Description : 

2 Pcs/Set BST-128 Plastic Pry Opening Tool For iPhone 4/4s 5s 6 Phone Case 
Specification :

This opening tool is specially compatible with iPhone 4/4s 5s 6 and other mobile phone, for pry tools are the same used by professional technicians to open up your phone.
It's also soft enough not to crack or chip your case, that means to
open your phone easily and safely opens phones without damaging cover.

Double lever, convenient use, wide application scope, universal tool.
The quality of a material is lighter, can effectively protect the machine.

Brand : BEST

Size : 120  x 47 x 15mm
Net weight : 11g
Material : Lighter plastic
Quantity : 2 Pcs
Package includes : 

1 x  2 Pcs/Set BST-128 Plastic Pry Opening Tools 
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