2Pcs Aluminum Alloy Chalk Holder Teacher’s Chalk Clip Clutch


2Pcs Aluminum Alloy Chalk Holder Teacher's Chalk Clip Clutch (Black & Gold were sold out)

Material: Aluminum
Size: 9 x1.3cm
Color: Red, Blue, Green,Purple, Silver
(Please contact us about the color you needed, otherwise we will randomly send the goods)

1. Reduce chalk opponents and contaminated clothing
2. Let your fingers no longer to worry about peeling
3. Let your delicate lubricated by hand is no longer chalk harm
4. Save chalk, chalk avoid being broken during use
5. Can be used for a long time
6. The teacher's essential goods and exquisite senior gifts
7. This product is suitable for ordinary schools with a diameter of ordinary chalk 9-10mm
(If you have not reached the end of the 9 mm chalk, chalk this may be too thin, too many places to go on a folder).
Chalk small clip on the clip chalk layers of transparent tape wound to solid chalk.
If you can put a large chalk chalk sets apart the front end of the clip pull bigger.
Chalk off accidentally inside, open the upper end of the small white cap,
Top with a pencil, pen able to come out, and the method is very simple

Package included:
2xChalk holder