4 Surface Polishing Block Foam Grinding Tools


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4 Surface Polishing Block Foam Grinding Tools

Function: white surface is polished,  black surface is rough 
polished, gray surface is polished fine.

1.Make of Foam and sand materials,easy to carry,For polishing articles.

2.First stage: rough sand surface, its main role is to change the shape, such as walnut sharp, polished diamond Collectables.
3.Second stage: fine sand surface, mainly used for polishing the front can be used for wood, metal materials, such as gourd, walnut, King Kong, olive nucleus.
4.Third level: for grinding after polishing, polishing or direct throw must remember to dry, the polishing operation frequency, the faster the better. [Since this feature uses more, so polished surface there are two sides (white)]

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Polishing Block

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