4pcs HSS Contersink Drill/Step Drill/Tapered Cone Drill/Saw Dill


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4pcs HSS Contersink Drill/ Step Drill/Tapered Cone Drill/Saw Dill Bit Titanium Coated

Material:  High Speed Steel 4241
Surface: Titanium Plated
Handle: Hexagon Shank
Quantity: 4pcs
Weight: 265G
Scop: Used for the hardness of the material which is below 25°, like iron borad, steel board, PVC board, Insulation board,  4mm thickness within the timber, ect.

Step drill  :      4~12mm (4,6,8,10,12mm), 5 steps
Saw Drill  :      6mm
Contrersink :   12.4mm  90 Degree
Tapered cone drill : 8~20mm

High speed steel material, more durable.
Titanium coated to reduce friction and run cooler
No need for a pilot hole,  can automatically deburr holes as you drill.
4pcs combination, can meet different  demands.
Working with water cooling, can effectively extend the service life of bit, drilling speed 250–400 recommended.
Suitable for use in hardness under 25 ° artifacts, such as carbon steel plate, sheet iron, insulation board, PVC board,wooden board, plate thickness under 4mm.

Package included:
1x 4-12mm Step Drill
1x 6mm Saw Drill
1x 12.4mm Contrersink
1x 8-20mm Tapered cone drill