50pcs 13mm*7mm Polishing Buffing Round Wool Felt Wheels


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50pcs 13mm*7mm Wool Felt Polishing Buffing Round Wheels

Material: Selection of pure wool

There is a hole in the middle. Fit for max 3mm mandrel
Wool  is soft , elastic and springy,it is not depilate in  polishing 

Featured pure wool and polishing paste are used in  polishing after waxing

Applies to:
ƒ? Automotive industry (manufacturing factory, 4S station, beauty shop)
ƒ? Motorcycle Manufacturing Factory
ƒ? washing machines and refrigerators and other manufacturing factory
ƒ? Artificial stone panels and floor
ƒ? Wood finish (furniture, cabinets panel factory, piano, wooden floors, etc.)
ƒ? Interior installation
ƒ? Advanced kitchenware
ƒ? Instruments, precious metals, jewelry
ƒ? Plastic Surface Treatment
ƒ? Precision Instruments

Package inclued
50 x wool polishing wheels