9inch Adjustable Furniture Metal Blade Wood Spoke Shave Manual Plane Hand Tool


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Can be applied to a variety of hard and soft wood, good for home furniture or professional shaping use.
Professional and tailor-made designed that quite suitable for palm size handle, comfortable for use.
Amateur carpentry blade angle adjustment easily achieve accurate.
Cutters are fully adjustable for depth of cut and thickness of shavings. Blades are replaceable.
Sharp cutting edge Spoke Shave Planes for shaping chair legs, seats, curved templates and many other kinds of curved work.
Maintain blade at 25 degree bevel angle.
Hone at 30% with a precision sharpening stone.
Material: High quality of metal and steel
Blade hardness: 58-60HRC
Category: Bending
Material: Tool steel
Cutting Edge: 41(mm)
Planer Length: 40 (mm)
Thickness of planer: 4.6 (mm)
Length: 20.5cm (8.07inch)
Compatible: Fit for Shaping chair legs & seats, curved templates and other kinds of curved work
Package included:
1 x Spoke shave

Detail Pictures: