AC 220V 60W Automatic Hand Controlled Tin Soldering Iron Gun


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AC 220V 60W Automatic Hand Controlled Tin Soldering Iron Gun

Package Size: 25x18x4cm
Input Voltage: 220V AC
Output Power: 60W
Quantity: 1pcs

1. Soldering gun use lightweight mechanical design, easier work.
2. High-quality heater, longer working life.
3. Simple, easy to complete the welding operation.
4. Can be used tin wire diameter of 0.8-2.3mm.

1. Pressed tin into the mouth, from the tin solder wire insertion opening,
pull the trigger until the pressure to lead tin solder wire nozzle.
2. The hand gun into the 220v power supply,
turn on the power switch, to warm up.
3. When heated to a sufficient heat soldering gun,
pulling the trigger will be able to carry out the welding operation.
4. When the exit tin wire, just press the tin mouth, while out of tin wire.
5. When you need to replace the heater,
first remove the protective cover, disconnect heater cables,
and then remove the iron Tsui, you can replace the old heater.

1. The temperature of the soldering iron Tsui iron pipe when working up to 400 degrees, do not touch the body.
2. Tin wire gun should be placed on his stand.
3. Prohibit the use of soldering gun in inflammable and explosive occasions.
4. Prohibiting the soldering gun in damp places, ban on child or children to get a place.
5. Please do not repair or disassemble soldering gun. If parts or wiring damage, subject to electrical products,electrical maintenance personnel can repair.
6. When the work is completed, turn off the power soldering gun, so he completely cooled to room temperature, it can be saved.

Package Included:
1x Soldering gun

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