Aluminum Eight Holes Vise Nut Fixed Pliers Olive Bodhi Prayer Beads Gripper


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Aluminum Eight Holes Vise Nut Fixed
 Pliers Olive Bodhi Prayer Beads Gripper


Material: Aluminum
Dimensions: Length = 110mm, width = 61mm, height = 35mm
Jaw width: 55MM, the maximum opening diameter: 55MM

1.Make of Aluminum and plastic materials,solid and durable,For fixing you want to cut or engrave items.
2.Fixed head with four yellow activity, can be replaced.
3.It makes you more convenient when DIY production, improve work efficiency.
Due to the irregular shape of the pit shape and will continue to change in the process of carving, so you will not clamp fixed, but a product that solves this problem.

Package Included:
Aluminum Eight Holes Vise

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