Automatic Cable Wire Stripper Multifunctional Terminal Tool TK1055


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Automatic Cable Wire Stripper Crimping Pliers Multifunctional Terminal Tool TK1055

  Auto ignition terminals 7-8mm
  All of wire from 10-24 AWG gage(0.2-6.0mm)
  Insulated terminals 22-10AWG(0.5-6.0mm)
  Non-insulated terminals 22-10AWG(0.5-6.0mm)
  This is made by precision coating (15NSS-99/RC55-60)
  High quality blade performs efficient cutting .
  Stripping diameter can be adjusted automatically for different wire cross sections

 Length: 210mm
 Maximum cutting length: 6mm
 Minimum cutting length:  0.2mm
 Power supply voltage: 12V

 1× Automatic Wire Strippers