CB09 Graphtec Blade Vinyl Cutter Plotter Cutting Blades 30/45/60 Degree


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CB09 Graphtec Blade Vinyl Cutter Plotter Cutting Blades 30/45/60 Degree
It only contain a blade, please choose the size you want and ensure you want only a blade.
Material: Stainless Steel
Length of Holder: 50mm
Length of Blade: 19mm
Blade Diameter: 0.9mm
Color: 30°yellow cap, 45°red cap, 60°blue cap.
30°Blades for Cutting large fonts and thick materials which is about 1mm.
45°Blades for Cutting general fonts and vinyl film which within 1mm.
60°Blades for Cutting very small font & intricate line-art logos which within 0.5mm.
Tool consistency.
Materials with ultra – hardness, carbide, super – toughness, longer wear and edge grinding with ultrafine polishing, edge more.
Suitable for polishing wood, pvc mahogany color, precision, MDF and other relief.
1.  Blade should not extend too long,generally within half a millimeter is better, while paying attention to extended balde longer properly when carve the
small print, in order to avoid the blade holder take the carved strokes away. Suitably engraved small print with new cutter and slow down.
2. When the word carved with angular phenomenon,you should change the blade to eliminate the problem,if the phenomenon persists after change blade,
it should be the holder problem.
3. When problem arise the blade holder,try a drop of oil in the bearing and rotate the blade several times to lubricate, if still unresolved, consider replacing the
blade holder.
Package Included:
1x Blades
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