Elastrator Clamps Pliers Elastrator Castration Tail Clamp with 100 Bands


100 in stock

Castration Material: Steel
Band Material: Rubber Tendon
Length: 21.5 cm
Opening: 5 cm(Maximum stretch)
Band Outer Diameter: 15 mm
Band Inner diameter: 7 mm
Band Thickness: 7 mm
Ideal for cattle, calves, cows, dogs, goats, lamb, kids, sheep, and other livestock

Package Included:
1 X Heavy Duty Elastrator Castration
100 X Small bands

How to use:
1. Remove rings. Alcohol to disinfect. Thereby reducing bacteria in the process of tail into the animal's tail when the hair is too long, should lose. In order to prevent bacterial infection of the wound on the hair. The tail trap on the tail cutting pliers. Tail animal in 1-3 weeks after birth.

2. Holding the tail tail cutting pliers at this time will be open. We will trap in the animal's tail. Pay attention to the position of ram and ewe's tail different. Ram should root in tail 2-3 coccygeal vertebra joints. Ewes should root in tail 3-4 coccygeal vertebra joints. Too short ewes vulva and anus to expose that will be susceptible to bacterial disease.

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