Fiberglass Aluminium Paddle Bubble Roller Tool



Fiberglass Aluminium Paddle Bubble Roller Tool

Material: aluminum alloy, wooden handle
Size: 2inch/4inch/6inch(5cm /10cm /15cm)
Handle length: 10inch (26cm)

1.Glass steel brush (called aluminum roll), also known as glass fiber defoamer.
2.The purpose is to enhance the Glass steel strength and flatness make the process of products, and save resin, saving time and costs, improve construction efficiency.
3.Aluminum alloy material manufactured by mechanical finishing
4.Widely used in industrial production of Glass steel, for leveling and compacting the resin coating driven bubble, commonly used for products' internal and surface blistering roll puncture.
5.Using this product saving time, can effectively improve the labor efficiency and product quality.

Package included:
1x Paddle Bubble Roller Tool