Grinding Fairy 105x20mm Eight Trigrams Gen Saw Blade 1.2mm Diamond Ultra-thin Cutting Disc


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Grinding Fairy 105x20mm Eight Trigrams Gen Saw Blade 1.2mm Ultra-thin Diamond Cutting Disc Tool


Body material                              65Mn steel                                               
Blade material Diamond cover(50 grit) + Cobalt
Blade diameter 10mm
Blade type Turbine teeth design
Outer diameter               105mm
Inner diameter 20mm
Thickness 1.2mm
Applicable machines Angle ginder, cutting machine, modified electric drill
Application Perfect for cutting ceramics, tiles, microcrystalline tiles and so on
Cutting Dry or wet cutting


1. Adding more diamond particles and wear-resistant cobalt makes the Gen saw blade more druable, longer service life.
2. Special 10mm diameter turbine teeth design makes the disc more sharp, easy to cutting ceramics, tiles without breaking
the edge of the ceramics product.
3. 1.2mm Ultra-thin thickness makes cutting faster, reducing product damage.
4. Dry or wet cutting.

Package Included:
1 x Grinding Fairy Eight Trigrams Gen 105x20x1.2 saw blade

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