Hair Clipper Old Fashioned Separateth Knife Manual Hairdressing Tools


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Hair Clipper Hand Plier Old Fashioned Separateth Knife Manual Hairdressing Tool

Shearing force, low noise.
Sophisticated appearance, unique style.
Please droplets around 1-2 drops  sewing machine oil on the blade, make the  blade lubrication.
Handle length of about 10 cm; blade width 4 cm, length 2.5cm.

1,The initial use of newly purchased clippers, anti-rust oil should be wiped clean, so as not to stain the hair.
2,The clipper handle reciprocates, a certain margin. Should be used to pinch elastic spring reciprocating movement, are not to force too much, so as not to break the grip.Such as occurs when using a crane to pull the hair, you can move while pinch grip, side exit clippers.
3, After use, do not loosen the screws firmly. Available hair brush hair net crumbs,sliding parts in the blade and put some lubricant to prevent falling into rust.
4, Do not arbitrarily disassemble.

Package included:
1x Hand Clipper