Handheld Cutting Leather DIY Skiving Machine Tool Cut Splitter


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Handheld Cutting Leather DIY Skiving Machine Tool Cut  Splitter


Material Stainless steel and brass
Color Black
Size(L*W*H) 19cm x 8cm x 6cm/7.5'' x 3.1'' x 2.4''
Three Holes Blade 5.5cm x 2cm/2.2'' x 0.8''
Waist Hole Blades 5.7cm x 1.7cm/2.2'' x 0.7''
Applicable scene Home; Tailor; Factory
Fit leather Soft leather; Hard leather; High-density Leather
Function Skiving edge, Segment Skiving, Entire piece Skiving,etc.
Blade Installation:
1. Use a hex wrench to remove the fixing screws of blade clamp.
2. Insert into the blade.
3. Tighten the fixing screws.
4. Viewed from the front,the relative position of the blade and rollers should be parallel.

Skiving Operation:
1. According to the thickness of the skiving,adjustment the screw of the handle.
2. Open the handle,put the leather between the roller and the blade.
3. The position of the leather should be in the middle of the roller,the tablet can make the leather press against the surface of the roller.
4. The right hand clenched the handle,Pull to the right.

Package Included:

1 x Cutting Splitter
3 x Three holes blade
2 x Import waist hole blades
3 x Spare screws
4 x Hex wrench

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