M4 M5 M6 Mix Expansion Screw Heavy Duty Setting Tool Kit Set


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Expansion Screw:
Retractable tie in any cavity by closing statement to achieve solid anchor effect.
Scope: can be used for hollow bricks, plasterboard, fiber cement, wood and other hollow base, suitable for installation lamps, curtain rods, picture frames, cloakroom, power switches, light load objects.
Installation effect: swelling in the arm stretched behind hollow substrate, forming a larger contact surface, provide a reliable anchoring effect.
Heavy Duty Setting Tool:
The setting tool is designed to make easy work of expanding the hollow wall plugs once they are in place.
Metal with non-slip rubber grips and slip guard.
For setting cavity wall fixings into hollow stud walls accurately and quickly.
Place Anchor into pre-drilled hole, attach setting tool and squeeze trigger.
Finish: Painted
Handle Finish: Smooth
Size: approx. 16.3cm x 12cm x 2.7cm/ 6.42" x4.7" x 1.06"

Package Included:
1 x Heavy Duty Setting Tool
1 x Tool box
Expansion Screw:
20 x M4 x 32-6
20 x M4 x 38-12
12 x M5 x 52-12
12 x M6 x 52-12
12 x M6 x 65-24

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