Quick Release Fast Clamp 201-C Horizontal Type Clamp For Fixing Workpiece


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Quick clip is the use of leverage, linkage mechanism, such as the principle of self-locking through steel stamping, metal casting
and metal car planing and milling processes to make objects out of a quick clamping device fixed object locations.


Type 201-C
Material iron
Holding capacity 182kg
Spindle supplied M6x45mm
Handle opens 92°
Bar opens 79°
Weight 135g

Suitable for wide machine tools,for production needs to be fixed workpiece machining industries
High quality iron is durable,holding capacity is strong.
To provide a clamping force, good grip stability, chuck moving fast, efficient and has a positioning function of manual rapid clip.
Its role is for a fixed object, positioning the workpiece to facilitate the production and processing, greatly improving productivity.
It has easy to operate, the clamping force, no moves, no rebound characteristics.

Package included:
1 x horizontal type fast clamp