Spanner Camera Lens Repair Kits Stainless Steel Open Tools for DSLR Hand Tools


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Pro DSLR DC Spanner Wrench 2 Tips for Camera Lens Repair Stainless Steel Opening Open Tools 25 to 130mm.
This curved-shaped professional spanner wrench is designed for camera lens repair. It fits for 25-130mm lens. With the help of this product, you can easily dismantle the lens of your camera, telescope, microscope, filter etc. to do maintenance and cleanout.

Adjust the jaw opening by 4 screws.
Max working depth: approx. 77mm/3.0”.
Mode: Curve tic-tac-toe shaped.

Adopts universal slot type screw.
CNC Numerical control processing, hard and fluent-shaped.
No need to change the tip, connected fixedly and safely.
Unique double-tip design, one pointed and one flat, considerate and convenient to use.
Upgrade curved design: more firmly tighten the screw holes, no slip back, no hurt lens, get rid of the obstruction of filter ring while disassembling.
Disassemble the lens range from 25mm to 130mm. (0.9” to 5.1”): 25mm film lens, or 130mm telescopes lens, surveying prism lens, microscopes lens, spotting scope lens etc.

Package Included:
1 x Curve tic-tac-toe shaped lens spanner wrench set
1 x Hex screw spanner wrench
4 x Hex screws